The Journey Begins

Multi-Dimensional Oneness Practitioner Training

Everything begins from this journey and builds from here.  If you've felt your soul calling for something more, something deeper then you'll want to come explore this with me.

Five Learning and Experiencial Modules

Each module lasts between 3 - 12 weeks depending on the focus.

Online Classes

All modules are presented live online.  One class per week and recorded for your convenience

And There is More!

Accountability Groups

You won't be alone or just a "number" in your training.   You will be supported by your fellow classmates and Tami to help you have the most powerful personal experience and optimize your ability to become the best healer/practitioner you can be.

Learn What's Forgotten

We are here to REMEMBER who we are.   As we enter into our lightworker shoes our life changes.  The content we will remember the most, is the opening of learning in the flow.  It's about allowing the solutions to present themselves, because we are now ready to receive.  

Creating Your Practice

Many teachers teach methods but after that you, are on your own.   This training is full, rich, inspiring and bringing all you need to start a pure, heart based healing practice from a place of soul alignment.  It feels amazing!

Are you ready to get started?

Module One


8 Weeks

Module Two


6 weeks

Module Three

Your Team

3 weeks

Module Four


12 weeks

Energy Playtime Workshop

Let's play in person to increase confidence

Module Five

The Practitioners Path

6 weeks

And then continue on...

Module Six

Healing through breathwork and guided meditation

6 weeks

Autism Intuitive Certification

12 weeks of amazing teachering from the awesome ones as well as intensive telepathy training

Divine SoulPrint Certification

Offer your clients even deeper work at new angles of unfoldment.

The Modules are taught from a state of infinite flow...

Each student is unique, each class is different, each purpose is specialized.  Tami allows herself to stay in a state of flow as she teaches to allow the words, frequencies and concepts to arrive in it's exact perfection whether as a trigger to healing, a mirror to yourself or divine guidance to your heart. 

Are you considering this?

Feel the energy of the pictures

What does your heart feel?  What does your tummy feel?   Do you feel expansive or restricted?

Tune in

Allow yourself to enter into your knowing.  What signs are you receiving from your outer and your inner world?


Do you feel aligned with this work?  Does it excite you?  Intrigue you?  Check in with your heart.  

Fine Details

A few things to consider here...

  • All modules except for the energetic playtime workshop are done online.  Please be present and aware for these workshops with your camera on and microphone working.   They will be recorded but committing to be in the now moment live is preferred.

  • Before beginning module one you'll need to have or concurrently participate in The Autism Transformation Project so you may work through innerwork and have a set of tools available to you for yourself and your future clients.

  • You will need to complete the modules in order and be ethical about completing the journey work.   The integrity and quality of this work is very important to our clients and to putting our best work forward. 

If you're ready? LET'S GO!

Module One - Creation


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This module lasts 8 weeks starting September 5th, 2017. 

Module One Includes...

Your Responsibility - words, actions, thoughts, intentions and beliefs. 

Your Vibration - what energies and frequencies are running in the background or forefront of your energy field?  What is your creation and the creation of others?

Your Awareness - Feeling, Sensing, Knowing, Seeing and Empathy

-Truth versus Accommodation

-Patterns influencing the outcome

-Mirroring, matching and opposition

-Metaphors, DNA memories and soul memories

-Manifestations of belief patterns

Your Soul - Tracking the phase of the soul’s embodiment

-4 phases of soul embodiment

-Alignment with soul purpose

-Contracts of the soul

-Birth of the soul - where is home?

If you need a payment plan option you are welcome to join this module at $44 per week for 8 weeks.   Click here for this payment option.