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Multi-Dimensional Oneness

Work one on one with a highly trained practitioner who will take you deep into your subconscious programming and help you release and move out of old patterns.   As the old is shed away it becomes part of the tapestry of beauty that makes you who you are.   Then opening in readiness for your purpose to shine through, embodying all that you are and all you are meant to be, connecting in oneness from your heart to all.

Autism Intuitive Practitioners

An autism intuitive includes additional training on working with families of children diagnosed with autism.   With their use of telepathy you will be guided to really feel the words, messages and connection to your child.  The autism intuitive can discover underlying issues and open to solutions to help the child fully express as the teacher within becomes clear to those around him.  This work created by Tami Duncan.

Divine SoulPrint Practitioners

Divine SoulPrint is a fabulous technique for pinpointing the areas in your life that may be stagnant or running on old belief systems.   Divine SoulPrint process allows the soul to speak as to what it needs from you, those action items in order to fully realize it's power in this life.   This process will give you strategies and also ways to amplify the energy you want to welcome into your life and manifest it fully.